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maritime suite ( 1999 )
echolocations volume 2

CDR available, $108 or barter.

Limited submerged edition: sold out

Composed from field recordings made around San Francisco (plus a waterfall from Vietnam). At heart, the foghorns heard from the roof of my old house on Potrero hill.

Composed to honor the wedding of Andy Sernovitz and Julie Grisham (October 30, 1999).

port 13.3 MB The first movement of the Suite. The ingredients are: foghorns, marina ambiance, a night rain and elephant seals at Año Nuevo.
fore and aft 13.2 MB The central movement. By far the most abstract of the three. The ingredients are: foghorns, thunder, and a waterfall in Vietnam.
starboard 13.2 MB The final movement. The ingredients are: foghorns, marina ambiance, seagulls, a train crossing claxon, an Embarcadero fountain, and a guitar player in the Mission busking for change.