field effects 17
friday, december 5, doors 8pm
964 natoma, sf, ca, usa
requested donation $6-10

The world makes music, remember to listen.

The Field Effects series showcase the use of found sound, found materials, and field recordings in media art, presented in a comfortable environment.

For this show, we will have a four-speaker sound system.

Field Effects 17 features sound artists:

j. frede (los angeles)

Hailing from New Mexico, j.frede is a composer, sound designer, and installation artist. Frede has been residing in Los Angeles since 2002, previously living and working out of Colorado. Traveling abroad regularly since 1998, his work has been presented throughout Europe as well as in the US.

As a composer, frede collects sonic atmospheres of both organic and man-made origin, focusing on the sound that occurs naturally at each sound's source. Seeking out sounds that could be mistaken as synthetic or electronically created, frede arranges them into composition form and presents the work in both live performances and in the form of sound installations.

Frede has created computer or synthesizer based works, but he works primarily with field recordings. In performance he creates soundscapes with software that range from quiet and minimal to dense surround-sound.

Frede's Blip: the glitch electronica standard reference, a CDROM of loops for Acid, was released by Sonic Foundry / SONY in 2003.

Asked about the work he would like to present, Frede wrote:

'I'll be performing a piece using the sounds of branches and leaves moving slightly in the wind.'

cliff caruthers

Cliff Caruthers has been composing electroacoustic and experimental music since 1995. He continues to search for direct relationships to ever-complexifying technologies. He seeks to create narrative soundscapes and psychologically charged atmospheres from recordings of real (and imagined) environs.

Cliff's work has been featured at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, and the Transparent Tape Music Festivals I, II, and III. Since moving to Oakland, Caruthers has established himself as a preeminent sound designer, working for the Transparent Theater, Aurora Theatre Company, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Theatreworks, Marin Theatre Company, California Shakespeare Theater, and American Conservatory Theater.

Cliff is pleased to serve as technical director of the New San Francisco Tape Music Center, which specializes in the live diffusion of multi-channel prepared music to arrays of sixteen or more speakers. For Field Effects, he will present work specifically prepared for a four-speaker array.

sound vial

Soundvial is a collaboration between San Francisco's Ken Reisman and Matt Simon.

About the project and the work they will present, they write:

'Our work is based upon recordings made in ordinary public spaces, such as a supermarket check out line, an outdoor cafe, or an office building atrium.

In our work, we explore these natural sounds by infusing them with imposed elements. The ambience from a cafe develops into a musical composition; the sound of a supermarket weaves into poetry...

In one of the pieces we will present, changing visual and aural cues — live actors, a typed transcript, a schematic diagram — variously evoke the experience of attending to an overheard conversation.'

The Field Effects series showcases artists who are interested in framing the hidden beauty of the everyday world: beauty on the surface, awaiting our attention. Beauty that must be delicately extracted. And beauty in potential, awaiting juxtaposition, collage, repetition and mutilation.

Seating mostly on futons and our new flock of beanbags, to encourage comfortable deep listening. You are always welcome to bring pajamas or a pillow.

Depending on weather, hot or cold drinks will be available on a donation-based honor system. With luck, someone will bake cookies.

This information is not for print distribution or advertising. This is a private event for friends, family, and our community.