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There are at least two very different ways of listening to the sound you find on this site.

I have always encouraged people to listen with headphones, preferably while lying down in a dark room. As an artist, my ego still demands that I list this possibility first.

Most every recording you will find here was made with binaural-style microphones. While some of the subtle spatialization of the original recordings is unfortunately lost through MP3 compression, you may still be surprised at the vivid sense of place and space brought by listening with headphones.

After beginning my work with sound, I encountered artists who work it as a tool for influencing environment, rather than controlling it. As a result I have learned a new way to listen, by integrating recordings into the existing soundscape.

My work can become part of the environment and cease to occupy conciousness, while nonetheless exerting an influence on it. I find that even when I use it as backdrop, an unexpected or unfamiliar detail still draws my attention from time to time.

I find this exercise in secondary attention a new means of listening naively. It might be called opening the third ear.


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how to use this site

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