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Above: the box for April 23, 2007, a memorable and golden day in Nodar (not available, naturally).


a day in the life

A perpetual question for the sound artist is how to offer work in a format that breaks the conventions of the $10 CD. One cannot raise a family on $10 CDs—at least, not in my domain...

With that in mind, I sell off my life, in one-day installments.


what's included

A 'day' is a set of thirty digital 5x7 prints.

Days are editions of one: only one copy of each day is available.

The images are those I have chosen for inclusion in my ten-year-long project to produce a film documenting every day of my life.

Images are selected not [only] for their aesthetic qualities, but so that taken as a set, they accurately document what I did on a given day.

Each photo is printed on high-quality paper, dated and numbered, and protected in a glicene sleeve.

The images are packaged in signed cedar box .


price on request

Note that some days document events not suitable for all viewers.