quiet american welcomes lief inge and his
9 beet stretch
friday april 23 ~ saturday april 24
964 natoma ~ san francisco ~ california
$10-15 sliding scale requested ~ no one turned away

Take a twenty-four hour trip through the mind of Beethoven. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime all-night pajamas-please sleep-over concert-event at 964 Natoma.

'What a treat! I am utterly overpowered, or should I say uplifted, elevated, blown away towards soaring skies, riding away on a ray of Beethovenesque light between the clouds of summer.'

Ingvar Nordin, Sonoloco Records Reviews

Sound artist and composer Leif Inge created 9 Beet Stretch by using digital tools to stretch a recording of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony so that it takes twenty-four hours to unfold.

The result is a remarkable remaking of Beethoven as massive soundscape: a piece in which familiar motifs develop twenty times more slowly than we're used to, at times lovely, at times overwhelming.

It is the best-known symphony in the world transformed: transformed into a dramatic and haunting and hypnotizing soundscape that passes like clouds over a vast landscape.

'The piece slows symphonic time so that movement is barely perceptible. What you hear in normal time as a happy Viennese melody lasting 5 or 10 seconds becomes minutes of slowly cascading overtones; a drumroll becomes a nightmarish avalanche. Yet the symphony remains somehow recognizable in spirit if not in form, its frozen strings fraught with tense, frowning Beethoven-ness.'

Ben Sisario, The New York Times

Leif joins us from Norway to present the work, which starts on Friday night and plays through until ten or so on Saturday evening.

Come either night. Come both nights. Stay for the whole event. Stay for breakfast. Or just stop by for a few minutes Saturday afternoon. But don't miss this unique chance to experience 9 Beet Stretch as it should be heard: in good company, in comfort, in the Pillow Kingdom(tm).

'Crawling across Beethoven's magnum opus with a microscope, so to speak, with every note stretched out to 24 times its normal length, is frighteningly revealing... It provides hours of eerie ambient textures; it turns something wearyingly familiar into something you can barely recognize; and like Steve Reich's Come Out, Carl Stone's Shing Kee, and some other electroacoustic classics, it reveals acoustic truths you never suspected.'

Kyle Gann, The Village Voice (more at Kyle's blog)

Approximate times for the start of each movement (we may take small breaks between each movement):

1st movement: Friday 10 pm
2nd movement: Saturday 3:45 am
3rd movement: Saturday 7:15 am
4th movement: Saturday 12:40 pm

The chorale will conclude around 10 pm on Saturday evening.

You can preview the piece online at www.notam02.no/9/. The NPR show All Things Considered had this to say about the piece last year.

Attendees are invited and encouraged to bring pajamas, pillows, blankets, and breakfast to share.

Note that alcohol will not be sold during the event, so you may want to bring-your-own-bottle as well (we will have an honor-system table available for sharing however).

Your admission is good for the entire event. A note on the high requested donation for this show: we're trying to recoup Leif's travel costs, but as always, our sliding scale donation is just a request. In this economy we welcome you regardless of what you can pay!

Seating, as always, is mostly on futons, beanbags, and pillows to encourage comfortable deep listening. Drinks will be available on an honor-system basis. Hopefully someone will make cookies and maybe a little breakfast...


964 Natoma is located between Mission and Howard, between 10th and 11th, in the South of Market neighborhood of downtown San Francisco, a few blocks from the corner of Market and Van Ness. Close to the Civic Center BART stop and the Van Ness MUNI stop(s). There is plenty of secure bicycle parking inside!

For more information about Quiet American presents at 964 Natoma, visit www.fieldeffects.org. Write ghede@well.com with any questions.

This information is not for print distribution or advertising. This is a private event for friends, family, and our community.